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Store setup
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Our ACTION MAP library

Step-by-step checklists, courses, and videos to help you with specific problems, strategies, or tactics.

100K Cheat Sheet Logo

100K Cheat Sheet

Follow our 3 phase cheat sheet to creating $100K campaigns like clockwork without having to worry about about high ad spend or ads that 'burn out'

Niche Research Cheat Sheet Logo

Niche Research Cheat Sheet

Niche research is one of the hardest parts of the entire system. We've outlined an entire road map for anyone to follow to pick out the best niche possible to maximize profits.

Targeting Cheat Sheet Logo

Targeting Cheat Sheet

Targeting can be extremely complicated if you have never created high converting campaigns before. Use our cheat sheet to shortcut your targeting research and get right to creating high converting campaigns.

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Our Software Library

Web-based software, plugins, and themes that go hand-in-hand with our action maps and coaching sessions to help you get an unfair advantage.

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The worlds best state of the art anayltics tracking for your eCommerce stores allowing you to track and smart forecast your earnings so you never lose a single dollar. This alone is worth over $500 per year.

Upsell Amplifier Pro Logo

Upsell Amplifier Pro

The BEST Upsell tool that allows you to create high converting product upsells once someone purchases a product from your store. This is available right when you enroll into eCom Dudes Academy.

Timer Scarcity Elite Logo

Timer Scarcity Elite

Effortlessly build and save a custom countdown timers specifically for your store that easily increases your sales by OVER 200% with just copying and pasting a simple live of text. Available right within your members portal once you log into eCom Dudes Academy.

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Every month, our coaches host live training webinars on exactly what’s working NOW.

This is the most cutting-edge training and it's taught before we ever turn it into an anaction map. Since it's live, you can ask questions and interact directly with the coach.

We've already hosted over 50 live webinars for our students, and you get instant access to all of them at the moment you join eCom Dudes Academy!”

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The 6 Figure eCom System

Beginner Friendly Logo

Beginner Friendly

Creating a store can be super tedious especially when you are just starting off. Our system will have your store up, running and profitable before anyone can even ask you how you did it.

Fast Sales System Logo

Fast Sales System

Getting traction to your new store can be SUPER difficult. With our proven fast sale system you will learn how to quickly start seeing income by the end of today!

Reliable Support Logo

Reliable Support

We have a support staff around the clock that is WAITING to take your questions, comments and concerns. Don't forget about the coaches you have access to also!

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Be able to connect with other like minded eCommerce owners and get invited to private eCom Dudes masterminds (only available to eCom Academy students).

Whats Working Now Logo

Whats Working Now

The best thing about eCommerce is that it always evolved and you DO NOT want to be left out. We have designed this system to make sure that you never fall behind.

Weekly Workshops Logo

Weekly Workshops

Every month we bring in a new coach - meaning new techniques, methods, training, and MORE knowledge for you. This allows you to learn RAPIDLY and be able to profit much faster then ever before!

What Do You Get?

Complete eCom Training Logo

Complete eCom Training

You will have direct access to eCommerce techniques never seen before that are proven to work and generating many students well over 6 figure per year with new training added every month on a never ending basis.

Live Q&A And Expert Training Logo

Live Q&A And Expert Training

4 times per month we have our coaches hop on a call and walk you through step by step on what it takes to create a massively successful eCommerce store and exactly whats working NOW.

eCom Dudes Coaches

Our coaches make eCom Academy AMAZING (Past & Present)

Dan Dasilva Logo

Dan Dasilva

Dan Dasilva is the Founder and CEO of eCom Dudes who has gone to help thousands of users from all around the world create 6 and 7 figure stores with ease. Now you can learn from Dan once you enroll
Anthony Mastellone Logo

Anthony Mastellone

Anthony Mastellone is one of the TOP Influencer Marketing Experts who has gone on to generate over $1.1M in under 8 months using nothing but Influencers and now you can learn how he did it.
Farzaam Kassem Logo

Farzaam Kassem

Farzaam is one of the worlds best Shopify experts and with his amazing teaching skills he has been able to help HUNDREDS of regular people go from NOTHING to over 6 figures with their stores in record breaking time
Michael Ambrose Logo

Michael Ambrose

Mike has been personally responsible for over $500,000 in 90 days using his content driven FB ads strategy. Being the head FB ad strategist in eCom Dudes, Mike will easily explode your campaigns and brand.
Ben Malol Logo

Ben Malol

Ben has been praised for his FaceBook™ ads experties and is EXTREMELY looked up to in the eCommerce community. With Ben being one of our premier coaches there is NOTHING that will stop you from success