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The 6 Figure eCom System

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Beginner Friendly

Creating a store can be super tedious especially when you are just starting off. Our system will have your store up, running and profitable before anyone can even ask you how you did it.

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Fast Sales System

Getting traction to your new store can be SUPER difficult. With our proven fast sale system you will learn how to quickly start seeing income by the end of today!

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Reliable Support

We have a support staff around the clock that is WAITING to take your questions, comments and concerns. Don't forget about the coaches you have access to also!

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Be able to connect with other like minded eCommerce owners and get invited to private eCom Dudes masterminds (only available to eCom Academy students).

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Whats Working Now

The best thing about eCommerce is that it always evolved and you DO NOT want to be left out. We have designed this system to make sure that you never fall behind.

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Weekly Workshops

Every month we bring in a new coach - meaning new techniques, methods, training, and MORE knowledge for you. This allows you to learn RAPIDLY and be able to profit much faster then ever before!

What Is eCom Academy?

The Worlds First Community Driven Monthly eCommerce Learning Platform

What Do You Get?

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Complete eCom Training

You will have direct access to eCommerce techniques never seen before that are proven to work and generating many students well over 6 figure per year with new training added every month on a never ending basis.

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Live Q&A And Expert Training

4 times per month we have our coaches hop on a call and walk you through step by step on what it takes to create a massively successful eCommerce store and exactly whats working NOW.

Taught By 6 Figure eCommerce Coaches Who Actually Make Money Doing It...

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Dan Dasilva

Dan Dasilva is an eCommerce expert who has helped thousands of eCommerce store owners go from nothing to multiple 6 figure brands.

Dan has been able to construct new stores from scratch that go onto produce millions of dollars in revenue. Owning one of the most successful eCommerce training brands in the world, he has helped hundreds of eCom Marketers go from struggling to creating a life time income for themselves and their families.

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Anthony Mastellone

Anthony was hired by Dan Dasilva to run his entire Influencer eCommerce marketing sector.

Anthony has been responsible for creating and aiding in 7 figure ecommerce brands and developing strategies using influencer marketing techniques.

He has now joined the eCom Academy as the Head of Operations and Head of Coaches. Any questions you can go direct with the expert!

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